Tree of the Soul

Tree of the Soul

Art Print
11 x 14"

4 Color Digital + Gold Foil Stamp / Printed in New York

White / Uncoated 100 C
Packed & shipped flat in a protective sleeve with backing board

Inspired by D.A. FreherÌ_Ì_åÈs original painting from 1764, an illustration based on the thinking of mystic and philosopher Jakob BÌ__hme, the Tree of the Soul is a meditation on spirituality and science. In our version, the travellerÌ_Ì_åÈs palm Ravenala madagascariensis rises through and unites layers of the soul and universe: The Dark World, Solar World, Fire World, Paradise, and Light of Nature. Represented alongside the spiritual are a scientific representation of the EarthÌ_Ì_åÈs core, and DarwinÌ_Ì_åÈs original conceptualization of the tree of life.