Portrait of Ix Chel

Portrait of Ix Chel

Art Print
11 x 14"

4 Color Digital / Printed in New York

White / Uncoated 90 C
Packed & shipped flat in a protective sleeve with backing board

Part of our moon-witch portrait series. This imagined portrait of the Mayan Goddess Ix Chel is decorated with some of the goddess' favorite companions and offerings.

Little is known about Ix Chel, as sadly, most of the written books and codices of the Maya people were tragically destroyed by Spanish priests in their attempts to convert the peoples of the Yucatan Peninsula and Central America, to Christianity.

She is a maiden, mother and crone. She controls the moon, the tides, and all of the bounty of the sea. She makes the land fertile and lush. She helps women with childbirth, ensuring health for both mother and child. Often depicted with a coiled snake on her head, she is a powerful magician and healer with vast knowledge of medicinal plants.