Folded Card + Envelope
A2 / 4.25 x 5.5"
Blank Interior

Four Color / Printed in New York

Uncoated 100 C

Gift someone the unique and hypnotizing beauty of the Cuttlefish. These creatures, which part of the Cephalopod family along with the octopus and squid, are masters of communication and disguise. Cephalopods communicate visually using a wide range of signals. These signals come in four types: chromatic (skin coloration), skin texture (e.g. rough or smooth), posture, and locomotion. The common cuttlefish can display 34 chromatic, six textural, eight postural and six locomotor elements. Cuttlefish in particular are such masters of these skills that some males have been filmed displaying two completely different signals at the same time: an "aggressive" signal on the side of its body that is facing a hostile male, and a "seductive" signal on the side that is facing a female that it is intending to court. 

Give this card to someone who loves these mesmerizing beings.