Lilies Wrapping Paper

Lilies Wrapping Paper

Set of 3 Wrapping Sheets
22 x 28"

4 Color Offset / Printed in New York

White / Uncoated 24 W
Packed & shipped rolled in a shipping tube

Our brand new Les Liliacées Wrap is a collage of florals from Pierre-Joseph Redouté's monumental work: Les Liliacées (1805-1816). The wrap includes the scientific name of each flower as it is named in the books. 

The Belgian born artist is considered one of the greatest flower painters of all time and in his lifetime produced over 2000 published plates. He was the official court artist of Marie Antoinette, Empress Joséphine, Maria Louise, Dutches of Parma, and Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily, wife to the last king of France, Louis Phillipe I.