Witchcraft and the Occult

The Witch's Hand

The Witch's Hand


Art Print
12 x 16"

4 Color Digital / Printed in New Jersey

Ultra White 100C
Packed & shipped flat in a protective sleeve with backing board

The Witch's Hand is our version of  Die Hand der Philosophen, re-imagining the tools needed to unlock the wisdom of witchcraft: all at the palm of the witch's hand. 
At the very bottom we have a small trace of pomegranate seeds, connecting the underworld to the material world. Leaves and roots ground the hand firmly on the earth while a coiled snake allows the witch to journey into the heavens and connect to the cosmos.

A key represents the unlocking on ancient wisdom, vital to any well-rounded practice.

The candle is not just representative of elemental fire, but light itself, guiding the witch as they immerse themselves in the shadows and liminal spaces.

A single Datura flower connects the witch to the magic and medicine of plants, often powerful allies when exploring spiritual and psychic realms.

And finally, the seashell represents elemental water, purification, renewal, transformation, and healing.