Witchcraft and the Occult

Set of Spell Cards

Set of Spell Cards

Includes 12 Flat Cards
7 x 9
Intended to be used once per month for a whole year

Black + Gold Metallic Ink / Printed in New Jersey

Cream White Paper / Uncoated 120 C

Our brand new Spell Cards are meant to help you craft your very own rituals and spells, and most importantly, keep track of them. 

Each card comes with the following sections:

Moon: to mark the phase of the moon on the day of the ritual

Element: what element are you working with? You can work with one, two, three, or all four

Astro: use this space to track the astrological marker or event of your choice

Deities: if you're working with a particular deity, name them here

Date & Time: Keep track of the day and time to track the results of the spell. You might choose to work with specific days of the week to add power to the spell, or use numerology when choosing a specific time

Intention: what are you hoping to accomplish with this spell? What are your true intentions? 

Tools and ingredients: list all of the items you will need for this spell. This includes tools, offerings, candles, food items, etc.

Results: magic is never exact. Some spells works and some don't. Keep track of your results to develop a better understanding of the process and be able to modify and perfect your rituals to achieve better results each time. 

Ritual and Actions: the actions of the ritual or spell. This would include prayers and chants, invocations, altar setup, etc.