Triumph of Venus

Triumph of Venus

Art Print
11 x 14"

4 Color Digital / Printed in New York

Ultra White / Uncoated 100 C
Packed & shipped flat in a protective sleeve with backing board

Born fully-formed from a spray of seafoam, coral, and flowers, Venus is the embodiment of love, desire, and beauty. Her body is wreathed with sweet-smelling roses and the purifying aphrodisiac myrtle. In her hand she holds a burning heart, the smoldering source of passion and vitality that lies within each of us. Blood-red and midnight-black coral are an anchor to her birthplace. Venus is joined by her child, the cherubic deity Cupid, who often manifests as multiple expressions of the self. His nature is an echo of the first primordial forms of life, single-celled creatures capable of endless division and replication. Almost touching the silver face of the moon is a dove, the feathered conduit of love and virtue. At Open Sea, we feel a special kinship with this goddess of the ocean, as powerful and mesmerizing as roiling waves. From the sea comes all things, a tempest of love and creation and destruction.