June 2022

June 2022

June is a flood of light as the earth’s northern hemisphere tilts nearest to the sun. This period when dusk creeps closer to dawn culminates in Litha, the summer solstice, on June 21st. In celebrating the fullest strength of the Sun God, we acknowledge that the following day, the light will begin to fade, the beginning of a long and slow descent towards the winter solstice. This moment, furthest from the shallow days of winter, is a reminder of the cyclical balance of time.


We are caught within time as it pulls us in conflicting directions—forwards, in an accumulation of experience and years; backwards, as we write the narrative of our personal histories; and most of all, circularly, as we orbit the recurring core of our lives and ourselves. To be alive is to be like a tree, each year marked by expanding concentric circles, each fiber of memory perpetually compressed inwards. Each year is the same, and each year is wholly its own. To experience the seasons year after year is constant rediscovery, like coming across a forgotten yet familiar memento of your life—a to-do list from years past, a piece of correspondence from a loved one, a journal kept in a period of self-discovery. June is a lungful of warm air poised for exhalation, ready to make space for a new breath.


Pearl, the gemstone of June, is formed within the bodies of mollusks. A naturally forming pearl is a protective structure, formed when a microscopic parasite or grain of sand finds its way past the shell and into the soft body within. An oyster encases the foreign body in layers of calcium carbonate over the course of many years, trapping it within an iridescent tomb. Whether made of animal or stone, the heart of every pearl is a tiny spirit, its essence forming the core of a hidden treasure. A pearl is light in the dark—a silver moon shrouded in storm clouds, a tear illuminated by starlight. To understand a pearl is to see glory in healing, and beauty in its totality.

N E W  M O O N

June 29th

S T R A W B E R R Y   M O O N

The full moon of June is a beacon to hedonism, signifying the brief moment when wild strawberries have ripened. Mid-June calls for indulgence, an embrace of the emotional vulnerability that accompanies joy and pleasure. 

F U L L  M O O N

June 14th