April 2022

April 2022

April is a month of potential. Although the exact root of the word “April” is ambiguous, it’s thought to derive from the Latin verb for “to open,” aperire. This is a month when the earth is split in earnest by emerging plant life, a surge of spring flowers opening to awakening pollinators. Birds, silent in winter, open their mouths to mark each day with song. The last barriers of ice recede, bodies of water thawing and reopening to the sky. This openness extends beyond physical transformations, as spring brings with it a rush of possibility and wonder. The warming days signal possibility and a vibrant future ahead.


Open Sea is based in Brooklyn, New York, but our studio is named for the crystal-clear blue shores of the Yucatán Peninsula, birthplace of owner and creative director Melissa Constandse. We honor the sense of gazing out at this vast expanse of water, the intersection of the heavens and the hidden world of mystery just below the surface. Much of our work pays homage to the treasures of the sea, the ancient and primordial realm where life began. The creatures that live in its depths exist in a weightless, endless world. We are captivated by their bizarre grace and beauty. This month, we are taking the opportunity to highlight a few of our paper goods inspired by the ocean, and all of its wonder.


Diamonds, the birthstone of April, are the purest form of carbon, the unifying element of all life. Naturally forming diamonds are ancient, the youngest at least a billion years old. Formed in the crushing heat of the depths of the earth, they are deposited near the surface of the earth during volcanic eruptions. The crystal structure of diamonds break along four faces, each representing one of the fundamental aspects of life: earth, wind, fire, water; freedom, unity, equality, eternity. To wear a diamond is to invite clarity, strength, and balance.

N E W  M O O N

April 1

P I N K   M O O N

April’s full moon is the Pink Moon, named for creeping beds of wildflowers called phlox, also known as moss pink. This is the first full moon of spring, and represents life’s abundance.

F U L L  M O O N

April 16